Our Vision

lotus | mark dimalanta
March 9th, 2012

This dream resort came true when we moved back to our motherland to pursue a business embracing what we love. We were both born in the Philippines but raised in California. We decided to move back to the Islands after taking a four-month surf trip and falling in love with the country.

It was by chance that we came across Pagudpud when we settled in the Philippines. Two years of searching and lots of surfing, we found Pagudpud to be the perfect paradise to start a business and raise a family. With the partnership of great friends, Kapuluan Vista Resort was built from scratch and opened in April 2006.

Since the establishment of our business, we have been hands on in the operation of Kapuluan Vista Resort from the training of all our staff to dishing out tables. Today, you can find us getting our hands dirty from tending our organic garden or working on a lovely tan whilst accompanying guests in the lineup or teaching them how to ride the waves. We are constantly coming up with new ideas, learning new ventures and most importantly making new friends with our guests.

Aside from our commitment to providing personalized service, we want to make a difference by helping to heal the Earth. We want to maintain Pagudpud’s pristine environment through its clean waters, thriving wetlands, abundance of fish and wildlife, untouched forests and sustainable agricultural land. Pagudpud’s environmental resources are precious assets to Kapuluan Vista Resort. We fish, we swim, we snorkel, we surf, we hike, we bike, and we enjoy the variety of beautiful scenes that meet our eyes everyday. By promoting practices that minimize the impacts on our environment, we help to ensure the conservation of our breathtaking natural resources that have become the signature image of Pagudpud.

Our first step in going “green” was to eliminate all the dangerous constituents in our garden and replacing them with natural resources. We’re basically adapting the technology used by our ancestors that have been lost overtime due to modern agriculture, which can be deemed unsafe for the environment and our health. Some of our other practices include recycling, reusing, reducing; composting kitchen waste; using natural cleaning products; using proper waste management; promoting activities that do not require the use of gas or oil; and prohibiting outside food to reduce trash from building up in our area. After years of adapting these practices of sustainable living, our patrons can easily observe the positive effects in the resort, the environment that surrounds it, and in the physical quality in our selves. It brings us great pleasure when the guests are inspired to do the same.

To sum it up, Kapuluan Vista Resort was built from our greatest passions. It is more than just a business; it is an expression of our lifestyle.