Our Natural Playground

mike charging MARK DIMALANTA
March 9th, 2012

Kapuluan Vista Resort is set in a wonderful natural playground. Feel the white sand between your toes on the endless, empty beaches; take a refreshing swim, snorkel or surf in the translucent turquoise waters; take a quick hike around the islets or a walk in the surrounding hills. There is virtually no end to the activities available at Kapuluan Vista Resort.


Pagudpud is one of the last virgin surf destinations of the Philippines. The perfect-picture waves, the beauty of nature and the lack of surfers crowding the line-up, all combine to make this a world-class surf destination. Swells bring in several set-ups to life almost year round, especially during the southeast monsoon, July-September. During the northeast monsoon, October-March, we get good waves combined with wind for windsurfing and kite surfing. At the same time, surf is perfect at surrounding areas where the wind is offshore. Surfboard and paddleboard rentals are available. For those who want to learn this exciting sport, we are the only resort that offers daily surf lessons by experienced surf instructors. For safety reasons, novice surfers are not permitted to rent a surfboard without an instructor.


The hills behind the resort are great for hiking and bicycling and offer stunning views of the beaches and the unique coastline.

BAUGAN BAY famously known as “BLUE LAGOON”

Since we are not located on the oceanfront of the “Blue Lagoon,” take a pleasant ten-minute stroll through the coconut groves. When the resort van or tricycle is available, we offer free transportation to Blue Lagoon. Or rent one of our standup paddleboards and paddle to the bay. Blue Lagoon is perfect for swimming, snorkeling or sunbathing. For those who just want to relax, there’s always a good book to read on the white sand beach.


During low tide, take a quick hike and explore the Dos Hermanos Rocks. Afterwards, take a bicycle ride to Bantay Abbot in Gaoa.


Pagudpud has been considered to have one of the best bike trails. Rent or bring a mountain bike and explore the beautiful and adventurous trails.


The area is a perfect spot for guests who want to do some snorkeling. We offer some snorkeling gear. For those who are interested in diving, Pagudpud is the spot for you. Although we do not offer diving equipment in the resort, we can take you to a place that specializes in diving.


If you haven’t had enough of our white sand beach, take a trip to the more commercialized part of Pagudpud known as Saud Beach. If you do not have your own transportation, rent the resort van or tricycle to take you to your destination.


We offer transportation to the Kabigan Falls located in Balaoi proper, about 10 minutes away from the resort. The hike is a pleasant 30-minute walk. Or, experience the local carabao ulnas (carriage pulled by a water buffalo). Remember to donate money for the tour guide.


Pagudpud is not only known for the white sand beaches, but also for the long stretches of gray sand. Take a trip to Pancian or Pasaleng and bask under the sun. Afterwards, you can hike to the many natural springs that Pagudpud has to offer.


Clear your way through thick walls of grasses and bushes on the slopes of steep hills and climb over huge moss-covered rocks and boulders wrapped by the roots of ancient trees to the Saguigui Bat Cave. This is for those who want to venture in an extreme exploration.


If your trip to Pagudpud is a short one, start your day early and explore the wonders of Pagudpud. Let our staff design and guide you to the perfect expedition all in one day.


After a day playing in our natural playground, our idea of the perfect nightlife is an evening of delicious natural food and drink with our friends and family, followed by stargazing and a rejuvenating sleep. Don’t forget to pamper yourself with a wonderful massage. During the Peak Months, March-June, a beachfront bar with lively music is available.

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